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Grunt 2.0: enabling the humble worker

stressed_outThis is a topic that has touched me and a number of people I know at various workplaces. Big businesses out there seem to be slowly adopting to the 2.0 view of internet empowered reality of ours. They seem to be deploying wiki, blogging, social bookmarking, twittering and other trendy tools of the day to supposedly empower their busy employees. The blogs allow the workers to air their experiences, views and concerns on things that matter to them as corporate citizens. The wikis allow folks in the know to disseminate knowlege. Messaging allows them to keep in touch. Some of these businesses have huge intranet content infrastructure with all kind of very useful and not so useful information. They have spent lot of time and energy deploying these huge information management systems. Some of the more innovative ones are also tapping into the crowd sourcing model of picking their employees brains for the next great innovation. All these has led to a very rich pool of  valuable information for the entire organization. But information is only as good as how usable and accessible they are to get some real work done.

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