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IT@Home: Backing up my Ubuntu box

After much procrastination I finally got around to setting up the backup for my Ubuntu box. As little research on the net would indicate, doing a backup for Linux boxes are fairly straight forward with tar and cron doing most of the heavy lifting. Doing a tar on the whole file system is the easiest way to get the job done. Something like the following is usually sufficient.
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IT@Home: Building F-Spot on ubuntu Hardy

Today I was trying to update F-spot, the very nice photo album manager, that is available from the Ubuntu universe repository. The version available from the repository is However, the current version from the F-spot site is Ubuntu Intrepid, currently in development, seems to be integrating it. So, using this version on Hardy requires a build and the site provides instructions for how to do so. However for the build to work correctly I needed to do some additional steps.

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Ubuntu kernel update and my Nvidia 8800GT

Earlier this week, Ubuntu 8.04 update manager notified me of new kernel updates and I went ahead and installed them. I have rarely had any problem with such updates in the past. But this morning things went differently. I use an Acer P241w  monitor with1920x1200 resolution. First thing I noticed when i rebooted is that my screen resolution has shrunk to 640×480 and I could not change it to anything else when I went to the screen resolution preferences. I use a Nvidia 8800GT. It is considered to be fairly new card in terms of driver support in Ubuntu. I could not get it to work in Gutsy Gibbon when I tried late last year (even with the help of Envy).

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