Internet Proxy Settings Aggravation

One of the thing that annoys me often about working on a laptop is the internet proxy settings of different applications. Like many of us these days whenever I move between networks I not only need to set proxy settings for IE and FF, I also need to set proxy settings for other applications that do not seem to be capable of using system proxy.

Winamp is just one example of these applications. Then there are other work tools such as Eclipse and Aptana IDEs which all not only use their own proxy settings, but they use multiple of those! Applications that simply have to use their own proxy should at least have the courtesy of giving me a check box that can enable and disable the proxy instead of me having to type the proxy in every single time.

I have seen this request in Winamp forum multiple times going back many years and yet this seems to get ignored. This is the main reason I started using xmplay even though I have a paid license for Winamp. Thankfully Eclipse and Aptana also offer check boxes that toggle the proxy.

Now only if all these software could start using the system proxy. I use Proxy Switcher to easily switch my IE prox; it would be great if that could change all the proxy settings for all the applications. May be there is an applciation that can do that or may be Proxy Switcher would allow application specific plug-ins to be written for it. May be I should try a local proxy server on my laptop.


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