A New Beginning

obamaI never wanted to discuss politics here. But this is too important of a day in our short lives to just let the moment go by without leaving a footprint in my little world.

Now I can come out and say every penny of my campaign contribution towards the new president elect’s run was worth it, and I have been proven wrong in my theory that this country has a long way to go before electing somebody other than a white man as a president. I never thought that would be possible.

My faith in the belief that education, intelligence and smartness still has value in this country has been vindicated. I know many want to connect to a president who is just like them. May be I can relate to that view to some extent. But I am not for a president who is just as smart or just as dumb as I am. I want somebody who shares my views of the state of the world (which by itself would probably make many of my friends eligible for the job), but much more importantly who is well educated, more intelligent, smarter, savvier than me and who can play the game of politics better than I ever can in my dreams. He or she represents my country to the rest of the world and I want him/her to be as best as I can get. If I wanted to hear folksy stories I would rather go over to the neighborhood bar instead of tuning on to my president.

I can’t wait to go on my next international trip and say I am from US of A! Yes!! It took me almost twenty years  to become a citizen of this country in 2004 and I shortened a trip to the old country specifically to come back and vote that year, a vote that was unfortunately wasted. Not this time!

But I do seem to agree with Bill Weld, MA ex-guv, statement that Mr. Obamais a phenomemon that only happens once in a lifetime. I think Mr. Obama is more of an exception and far from the norm. I hope we all can grab this moment to do great things while the window is still open because in another 8 years we will probably be back to the same old. This morning I heard David Broder of the Washington Post wondering on Bob Edwards show whether this was a temporary deviation of the norm or a more longer term bending on the arc of history.

And many things fell into line for this to happen, the last, but most critical of which was the economic meltdown. I heard somebody refer to it as the perfect storm for the country to wake up to a new dawn.

So in a very eerie way I think Senator Mccain was too close to home when he referred to Mr. Obama as That One during the last debate and then at a recent charity dinner he humorously tried to explain  it along the lines of The One ala Neo in Matrix. Looking back I think there was something very uncanny about it. It is as if we have an window of opportunity that has opened up but unless we seize the moment it may not stay open for too long.

The charismatic Mr. Obama ended up being the right person, in the right place at the right time. Even though we cannot time the stock market, I believe everything in life is about timing, whether it is oneself or the larger universe that is pushing one towards that cusp of events.

But in all fairness I was really really amazed how well and graciously Sentator Mccain spoke in his concession speech without using the teleprompter and reading scripts. He looked so natural! It was almost like he was back in his elements, something the election process seemed to have eluded him so badly. Somewhere along the way Mccain the maverick got hijacked by the Mccain the Republican.

I hope we seize the moment and again make America the country of hope, dreams and lofty ideals that we saw in our mind’s eye when we took that oath of citizenship. It is a global reality we live in. What we do in this country affects the lives of billions in other places. Trying to deny that with our heads buried in the sand and hope that we can force our way though anything we don’t like and people will dance to whatever tunes we play is simply fooling ourselves. People often live their lives by example and we again have a chance to be that powerful example to the rest of the world.

But given the reality on the ground I can only hope for the best.

Now I hope my Obama T shirt becomes a collectible someday  :-). even if my 401K never recovers.


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