Data and Driving don’t mix ?

After this weekend’s commuter rail crash outside of LA, the newspapers are saying the engineer of the train went through a red signal possibly because he was texting on his mobile. At this point the authorities are just starting their investigation to see if that is really true. But number of times I have seen a few of my friends get into light collision and near collision situation because they were texting or checking their oh so important office email while they were driving. I am guilty of doing the same too. Sometimes the work obsessed world we live in takes precedence over our rational thinking; and now as social networks etc. go mobile with big name players jockeying for our round the clock attention, we will probably see more and more of this behavior permeate our daily routine. As a user of all you can eat data plan on my mobile devices this is something that always bothered me.

Over last couple of years various state authorities have been clamping down on driving while talking on cell phone and requiring hands free headsets, etc. Now as texting and emailing gets more and more widespread (beyond the business user community, at least for emails) are we going to see authorities talk about clamping down on no more eating data while driving? 😦 Already devices with accelerometers in them can do all kind of cool things. I assume it would not take much to use that to curtail my data bits as I am cruising down the highway. But these units are still mainly in a small percentage of text capable devices out there, mostly in mid-range to higher-end devices like N95, iPhone, SE W910. I hope our better senses prevail and we as individuals can learn to do the right thing instead of something being forced on us, as we sink deeper and deeper in 7×24 information pool.


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