Chrome is upon us

 Net seems to be abuzz with Google’s Chrome. Everybody is talking about Google’s comic book Chrome teaser that appeared in inboxes of Google observers such as Phillip Lenssen and then on Google’s own blog. This morning’s generally positive WSJ Article on Chrome made some interesting observations. MS executives doubt whether users will really download Chrome in volumes necessary to pose IE a threat. But MS folks have been saying such things and yet Firefox usage has steadily crept up to where it is today – around 20% according to Net Applications. It is very likely that the same buzz tickled techies, like me, who go and download Firefox will download Chrome. According to Google, it is supposed to be available in 100 countries this morning. but when I checked the link this morning it was still taking me to Google’s main search page.

Few years ago I had switched to Firefox on my work laptop. But since last year or so I have been running into memory bloat issues and with many tabs saved in my FF session I keep running into a problem of slow initial tab loads after a start. Now I have IE set as my default browser so that I when i quickly want to check something I still use IE. But when I want to browser multiple sites and is not in a rush to look up some information I run Firefox. The memory bloat is stil there for me and so I usually dont keep Firefox up and running longer than couple of days. Lets see how Chrome behaves in this regard.

As everybody observed this was something long time coming and gives Google much more control over the browser estate and provide a happy world for its apps. I wonder how long will it take for it to spread to user’s desktops to make it a serious threat to IE. But knowing Google I am sure they will find a way to push it to our desktop without us having to think too much.

The next question in my mind is how much longer before there is a mobile version for Android, and possibly, more interestingly for me as a Nokia E71 user, for other devices like Nokia S60 devices, which have a very good browser of their own.

I wonder when will the download appear!


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